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Implementation Policies of the "Two Loops, One Belt" Strategy

Source: hubei.gov.cn 05/21/2013 15:05:33

The Opinions on the Implementation of the "Two Loops, One Belt" Strategy to Accelerate the Construction of the Strategic Fulcrum issued by Hubei provincial party committee and government in September 2011 makes the following provisions concerning the investment policy and talent policy:

It shall attract the world's top 500 enterprises to invest and establish regional headquarters as well as research and development centers in Hubei, lower the threshold of access, narrow the scope of approval, simplify matters to be approved, delegate the approval authority and standardize filing procedures in basic industry, infrastructure, financial and insurance, culture, education and health as well as other public service sectors, and carry out the"100 Talents Program" to introduce overseas high-level talents according to the demand of the "Two Loops, One Belt" strategy for talents by focusing on the cultivation of high-level entrepreneurial and innovative talents and the development of much-needed and short-supplied talents for the pillar industry and emerging industry respectively.