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Source: hubei.gov.cn 09/13/2016 16:09:42

Grandsolar is the booming high-tech company that has been always focusing on researching and developing, manufacturing, selling ,also serving customer with the grid tie inverter, off grid inverter, solar pump inverter, wind generator inverter and all other renewable energy products. Besides, we provide project consulting, network design and system solutions for worldwide customers. Until now, our products can be comparable with the most excellent products domestic and abroad, in some extent , perform the most advanced technology in the world.

Grandsolar is located in golden hill national hightech development zone, Huangshi city, Hubei Province. It covers an area of over 66000 square meters .Also R&D and testing center area of 7000 square meters which is a R&D centre composed of a post-doctoral returnee with PHD.

At present, the company developed products covering the most quality reliable inverters which represent the highest level in the world of nowadays inverter technology .Through continuous learning, exploration, we have not only accumulated more advanced technology, accurately grasped the development trend of the photovoltaic market, but also ensured the development of the most sophisticated technology into our product lines which leads in green energy industry.

GrandSolar have been continuing emphasis on brand building , establishing the highest quality, best service, best cost-effective brand philosophy, responding quickly to customer needs and understanding customer value pursuit.


Address: #298, Golden Hill National High-tech Economic Development Zone (Grandsolar industrial park), Huangshi City, Hubei, China 435000

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