2015 New Star Drift of CDC to come to Wuhan

The New Star Drift of China Drift Championship (CDC) will come to Wuhan, capital city of cental China’s Hubei Province, in September, according to the related press conference held on August 27, 2015. Learn More

2015 New Star Drift of CDC to come to Wuhan

Night view of top 10 landmarks in Wuhan

Meng Zhiguang, a student of Wuhan University Of Technology spent more than half a year on shooting the high dynamic panorama of top ten landmarks' night view in Wuhan. Learn More

Night view of top 10 landmarks in Wuhan

Enshi Tujia Nv'er Festival opens

Photo taken on August 25, shows the opening ceremony of Enshi Tujia Nv’er Fetival at the Enshi Grand Canyon, a newly listed national 5A-level scenic area in central China’s Hubei. Learn More

Enshi Tujia Nv

3 Hubei places listed China’s Most Beautiful List

Jingzhou City, Shennongjia Scenic Area and Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Eco-tourism Area, in central China’s Hubei, were selected as three of the most beautiful places in China. Learn More

3 Hubei places listed China’s Most Beautiful List
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Three direct air lines to link Wuhan with Rome, Dubei and Tokyo

The China Southern Airlines plans to open three new international air routes in Wuhan, namely, the Guangzhou-Wuhan-Rome, Guangzhou-Wuhan-Dubai and Wuhan-Tokyo, local media reported on August 28, 2015.

Wuhan- Ko Samui to be added during National Day holiday

The Air China Hubei branch announced to add Wuhan- Ko Samui direct flights during the National Day golden week on August 27, 2015, to cope with the upcoming tourism peak.

88m-high sightseeing lift gives stunning views

An 88-meter high sightseeing lift stands beside a cliff in a scenic spot in Jianshi county, Hubei province, Aug 25, 2015, Chinanews.com reported.

Introduction to Hubei Development Zones

Hubei has 10 national development zones and 119 provincial development zones. They have become major growth points in Hubei's economy. [more]

Overview of Hubei Education

Hubei is well-developed in education. There are over 120 higher institutions... [more]

Hubei Info

Hubei Province is located at the central part of the People's Republic of China, with short title of “e”. It is rich in agriculture, forestry and hydropower resources. [more]